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I am back from my Sabbatical with a new direction

Life Navigation

  • Do you have a goal but not sure how to get there?
  • Are you lost but making good time?

Let me help you find where you are right now then show you how to navigate your way forward, by helping you read your life compass.

Although these are not my well-known psychic readings, I will bring to each session 30 years of experience as a Clairvoyant to see the deepest part of you and your true essence.

I can then guide you to “SEE” your Self and develop a deep awareness that will help you take ownership of your potential.

This will give you new ways to inspire yourself and will give you your own clear map to bring positive change and joy into your life.

Each personal one hour session will be recorded and I encourage you to make a list (large or small) of topics and questions that you wish to address.

Using my Spiritual gifts of Mediumship and Clairvoyance I will tune into your own Spiritual community of Guides, Angels and loved ones who will give you their input and guidance from their perspective.

Fees for these one hour sessions remain the same for both Skype and face-to- face sessions
$160.00 AUD  or  £ 85.00 GBP

To Book your Life Navigation Session on Skype or in person please email me at info@ruthiephillips.com and I will send you a selection of dates and times to suit your time zone from which to choose.

I look forward to helping you read  your compass and create your own map.


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