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Ruth Phillips has been working in the spiritual arena for over 30 years and is one of Australia’s leading Clairvoyant – Mediums. Ruth connects with the Spirit realms and passes on loving messages, bringing comfort, healing and a sense of peace to those grieving for loved-ones. Her depth of connection and compassion ensures that the messages from her psychic readings have the highest truth and integrity.

In addition to her work as a Clairvoyant-Medium, Ruth is an Advanced Aura-Soma Colour Therapist (UK trained), Spiritual Healer, Feng Shui Practitioner, Past Life Therapist, Spiritual Life Path Counsellor and Teacher. Those who see Ruth for a personal session know that they are held in a space of complete love and non-judgement to assist their healing process.

Ruth has recently returned to the UK – the land of her birth as well as her true spiritual home- and is excited to be able to continue her work with her UK and European clients, while still maintaining strong ties to her loyal and long-standing Australian and worldwide clients and students.

Book a ReadingBook Online or Phone: The best way to contact Ruth is to call (during business hours please) to speak to her and arrange a time for a personal session. Ruth does SKYPE and personal Phone Readings, + individual personal sessions.

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spirit-updatesFollow Ruth’s Blog and keep up to date with what is happening with all things Spiritual, Healing, messages from loved ones in Spirit, harmony and love. Be inspired by a gifted woman who will inspire you.

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about-ruthRuth has traveled the world as a leading Medium and brings to you a life of experience and delivers amazing readings from those on the other side. Ruth is an Past Life Therapist, Spiritual Life Path Counsellor and Teacher.

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