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Personal Sessions, Readings & Healings

Ruth is relocating back to Sydney from the UK.  

While her move is in progress all sessions:In Person, Skype and her Single on-line question service are suspended.

Ruth will resume her work from the 24th July. 

Bookings may be made from 17th July onward. 

UK and International Clients please Email   ruth@ruthiephillips.co.uk 

Personal Sessions and Readings:

Ruth is keenly aware of the need for people these days to connect with their own spirituality and their loved ones who have passed over. Having worked in the past at the prestigious London College of Psychic Studies, Ruth now re-joins the ranks of the gifted and talented Mediums, Healers and Sensitives in England.

Ruth is an exceptionally gifted Clairvoyant Medium who inherited her ability to connect with her clients spiritual essence and give accurate and honest readings. Her desire is to bring peace and comfort to those in grief by giving them survival evidence of their loved ones continued Spiritual life and love for them.

No two sessions are alike as each person is unique and it is to this uniqueness and individuality that Ruth tailors the esoteric knowledge and guidance you receive in your time with her.
Ruth makes her Skype sessions available to everyone, no matter where they reside. So even if you are around corner or across the world, Ruth can connect into your energy and your essence.

Personal Skype Sessions:

Thanks to the marvel of modern technology a Skype session with Ruth is conducted in exactly the same way as a face-to-face session. Ruth’s unique and personalised combination of Spiritual messages, life direction and Psycho- Spiritual counselling is easily conveyed through the ether to the comfort of your own home , office or sanctuary via Skype.

Your Skype session also includes a MP3 recording which is emailed to you on completion of the session.

A one-hour Skype session may include a combination of any of the following modalities:

  • Clairvoyance – Ruth’s psychic ability to “See Clearly” into other dimensions
  • Spirit Communication – Using her innate gifts as a Medium Ruth receives message for you from your loved ones who have passed over into Spirit. Contacting family and friends who have passed over is one of Ruth’s specialities.
  • Colour Therapy – As a Fully Qualified Aura-Soma Colour Therapist  Ruth uses her knowledge of colour to identify issues that are ready to be cleared and to assist with the healing process
  • Past Life Therapy– as part of a personal consultation Ruth tunes into any appropriate lifetimes that may be impacting on this life, thereby assisting recognition of any issues that may need to be addressed. This is suitable for those who are ready to let go of old patterns and programming and who are committed to move forward in their life.
  • Astrology – A good understanding of Astrology and how it impacts on us, enables Ruth to incorporate this ancient wisdom into her session.
  • Numerology– Using the science of numbers and their importance to our name, our partners name, our home number, business address and many other aspects of our lives.
  • Lifepath Counselling – Using her unique way of seeing the path ahead Ruth is able to advise you on the “Higher Path ” i.e. the course of action that would open doors for you and enable you to reach your full potential in life, love and career.

Your personal session with Ruth may also include a combination of messages and guidance from your spiritual support (your Soul Family), Direction, Psycho-Spiritual Counselling, Energy Clearing, Feng Shui  and Healing.

No two sessions are alike as each person is unique and it is to this uniqueness and individuality that Ruth tailors the esoteric knowledge and guidance you receive in your time with her.

Payment of this service may be made via PayPal/Credit Card or via direct deposit into a UK Bank Account. An invoice or and payment information will be sent to you at the time of booking. Payment is required two days prior to your session in order to secure and confirm your appointment.

You will require a Skype account on your home PC, laptop or iPad for this service so Skype will need to be uploaded and a name created.

Ruth’s Skype name is ruthiephillips.com
Email Ruth at 
 ruth@ruthiephillips.co.uk to book your Skype Session.

Personal Phone Sessions:

For those people who live outside of the Wiltshire locality or overseas and are unable to attend an in-person session or who are not comfortable with Skype, Ruth also offers telephone readings for her worldwide clients. Telephone readings are available in the English language only, and are 30 minutes in duration. Telephone consultations are pre-paid and arranged at a mutually convenient time, taking into account differing time zones.

The purchaser of the reading initiates the phone call for the consultation, and therefore incurs call charges for the duration of the reading in addition to the consultation charge. The use of phone cards can be useful to reduce the call charge costs.

As part of the fee, your phone reading will be recorded by Ruth and emailed to you after your session. The fee for the half hour phone session is GBP £55.00

To book a half hour phone session please email  ruth@ruthiephillips.co.uk
Call Ruth on +44 (0) 7535 409 731

Single Question Readings by Email:

Ruth Phillips also offers an exclusive personal reading service where you can ask a specific question online and have an answer in your email inbox within 7 days. Email readings are a perfect way to receive an answer to a pressing question, right when you need it or for those who have already had readings with Ruth, need further guidance on a specific issue.
There is a small fee of GBP £20.00 for your single question.

A good thing to keep in mind when using this service is: “The more specific your question, the more specific Ruth’s answer will be.”

Visit our on-line store to ask Ruth a Single Question.